Citizen Academy

Randall County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy Curriculum

Classes held March through June on Tuesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Sheriff’s Office Classroom

Week 1 - Overview of the Sheriff’s Office
Week 3 - Patrol Procedures Part II
Week 5 - Criminal Investigations/Narcotics Enforcement
Week 7 - CPR Training
Week 9 - Justice of the Peace/Crime Prevention
Week 11 - Overview of the Criminal Justice System

Week 2 - Patrol Procedures
Week 4 - Jail Procedures and Tour
Week 6 - Crime Scene Investigation
Week 8 - Dispatch/Communications 911/Warrants
Week 10 - Firearms Safety/Training
Week 12 - Graduation

Deputies Marcus Fabela, Victor Bradic and Jay Claxton instruct Citizen Academy students the techniques law enforcement uses when conducting felony stops.

Deputy Scott Riley and ESU Officer Ron Johnson demonstrate the uses of the Randall County K-9 Luno to the Citizen Academy.

Cpl. Kerry Blackerby and members of the R.R.A.T.T. team show the Citizen Academy their equipment and techniques.

R.R.A.T.T. team members are Scot Castleberry, Cole Reasor, Justin Crowley, Jason Stamm. Jennifer Couch and Matt Garza.