Student Academy

The Law Enforcement Explorer Post Career Education Academy

The Career Education Academy introduces selected high school youth to law enforcement methods, procedures, and career opportunities. Academy meets at the Randall County Sheriff’s Office at 9100 S. Georgia.

Program directed by Crime Prevention Division Sgt. Mike Mezger. Contact Sgt. Mezger at 806-468-5880.

Explorer Post Curriculum

Classes held September through February on Tuesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Sheriff’s Office Classroom.

Week 1 - Overview of the Sheriff’s Office
Week 3 - Patrol Procedures Part II
Week 5 - Crime Scene Investigation
Week 7 - Criminal Investigations
Week 9 - DEA Task Force Officer
Week 11 - CPR Training
Week 13 - Physical Fitness Course
Week 15 - Graduation

Week 2 - Patrol Procedures
Week 4 - Jail Procedures and Tour
Week 6 - Crime Scene Investigation Part II
Week 8 - Narcotics Enforcement
Week 10 - Dispatch 911/Justice of the Peace and Student Crime Stoppers
Week 12 - Defensive Tactics
Week 14 - Firearm Safety/Training